The Journey of Fool: The Wise and Whimsical Path of Tarot through the Major Psychological Archetypes

8181174ad4c0d619018dc5a478066787I love the number 0. Its a completed circle within itself and sits in the middle of the number scale between all the positive and negative numbers. The thing I love about 0 the most is that it means you can do what you want. The thought of doing whatever I want sends a jolt of excitement up my spine. When we begin a journey (the Fool) there are automatic programs (archetypes) that are activated and then we realize that doing whatever we want is a bit more structured than we originally thought. First you have physical needs that must get met, that is a limitation that we as humans run into everyday. As we know everyone handles our collective limitations differently. There are as many different ways to handle our limitations as there are people on earth. The Magician and The High Priestess present this poor Fool with the tools he needs to start his journey because of course he didn’t know he needed tools. The universe blesses us immensely because isn’t it often that we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into when we ask for what we want. We unknowingly dive head first  into the energetic waters of our destiny.  So the universe goes here are your cups (emotions ,element water), swords(mental, element air), wands(actions, element fire), and pentacles (money, element earth). The Magician is a number 1 has the power and the tools to propel his life forward in the direction that he wants to go. He willing fight for what he wants. And the fool has the poor of the High Priestess  which is a number 2 has deep within the recesses of his consciousness that gives him the courage to listen to his inner self when faced with forks in the road. The High Priestess is able to examine the light and dark and with her wisdom and intuition see what is before her and how best to handle situations that arise.


The Empress is the number 3, creativity, The Emperor is the number 4, building foundations. The Empress teaches the Fool how to give birth to her creations. The Lady in this picture is pregnant with life and is sitting in the plushness of the earth on a wood throne, with her bare feet taking in the energy of the earth. There are rolling hills behind her that symbolize the expansiveness of nature. The baby in her belly is the great mystery of creation coming to life. A healthy baby needs a nourished and healthy mother. She is confident that her needs are met here and now and will be forever. The cornucopia of fruits gives her plenty of food to eat and she is the Archetype of Mother Nature. Abundance, Security, Giving Birth to Consciousness and New Life, ruling the veils of the seen and unseen, the cosmos mixed with the earth. The Emperor is a stern leader, that can be controlling at times and egotistical but this is needed in order to create something with foundation and the will stand the test of time. He will guard what is created by the Great Mother Nature. He is the boundaries of life and also the limitations. He knows how to get down to business, and sits on a stone throne high on a mountain. It is neither plush or comfortable because he doesn’t plan to sit long, he’s sitting to come up with the best plan, then he’s got work to do.


The hierophant is number five in the lovers is number 6. The hierophant is also known as the high priest. At this stage the fool is looking for more answers than just “trust the universe.” He is researching and studying nature in a more scientific way. He’s studying symbols that make up nature He wants know how to use them right. He ask why is this or that important? Why can I just do what I want? How do I use what I have learned in my life? Who is God? Why cant I see him? How does this entity  operate and exist with and inside of me?

He is coming in contact with the mysteries of life that know, As Above So Below. The Fool has some choices to make, which path is he going to follow which god or goddess is he going to trust. Or is the God within him? He decides that God is on his side and that life is a journey and knowledge doesn’t have an expiration date. He incorporates the high priest and the studious nature within himself. And then he gets the pleasure of running into a reflection of himself and puts some of the things that he’s learned from the hierophant into practice. Knowledge is only powerful when you can integrate what you know into the experience of your everyday life. How do we incorporate the experience of intimacy without goddess? How do we know for sure that what we have learned is worth anything? Reading and mental knowledge can possibly bring about a dogma that imprisons instead of freedom. Freedom comes after you know that you know that you know from experience, that is either wisdom from this life or past lives. Then you can work with the rules and break the rules because you have a relationship with the mother goddess.  And all relationships are built on trust and feelings. But how do we as humans practice integrating with the Mother? We practice with one another. That’s when the Lovers card comes into the play. You best believe that your soulmate is going to let you have it if you claim to be this knowledgeable person about spirituality and you don’t practice what you preach. They’re going to hold you accountable. In the picture of the lovers card the woman is focused on the higher power and the man is focused on the woman.  This represents the connection between the feminine energy. Women are more naturally inclined to hold a resting place and flow of energy between her the highest power. It is a natural inclination that has gotten passed down from ancient times. In order to expand and move masculine energy needs a connection to the feminine energy, one of the ways masculine energy makes a connection with feminine energy is to communicate through the heart chakra in relationship of love. A sacred union is created and the give and take between the masculine and feminine energy teaches the feminine bravery of movement and the man learns to trust in spirit. Any distrust in spirit you’ll feel alone in the world and disconnected from your very own nature. The Higher Power is why everything is here and secure. That is part of knowing the Lover. The Goddess is a computer and all her creatures are running on her loving programs. Humans were given freedom (5) of choice as whether or not they want to live in knowledge of this program. The Mother’s program runs on love and nourishment (6) for all of her beloved aspects of nature. We have choice as to whether we want to love ourselves, each other, and her other creatures or feel disconnected and have a hellish experience with the illusion that we are alone.

to be cont . . .

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