How Do you as a Highly Sensitive Person Protect Your Aura/Energy/Close up Holes?| Stay On Your Path

Having a plan for your life and sticking to it no matter who comes along, what they say, how they make you feel, whether the feelings are pleasurable or stressful can be a huge challenge for HSP’s.  Highly Sensitive Person’s are perfect candidates for charming predators who are great at first impressions. Everyone that we get our lines crossed with isn’t a predator but it may be the programming that gets played out for a lot of Sensitives. If you peel back the tough exterior of a HSP you could find a past that is full of emotional insecurity, self-image distortions, and a deep need for intimate connection that people may confuse with “neediness,” “easiness,” “gullible,” and a need to please. You may be this way because the feeling of your attention is deeply caring to others, people get addicted to the loving detail and the high quality of energetic joy you add to their lives. Add to the fact that you are a genius, talented, multi-faceted, ancient and self-aware at a young age and you have recipe for people in your childhood being insidiously afraid of letting you go. You were never loved in the deep way that you deserve. You are in search for a love that is safe, grounded, authentic, and unconditional. Dear heart you deserve all of this and more. Because I know how powerful your awareness is I am bringing to your attention a flaw for your empowerment.  You can become mesmerized when someone reciprocates your love even if they do not share your life purpose, path, truth, and willingness to live in-tune and in-touch with Spirit.  When u let go of your path you become susceptible to negative self talk and then negative outside talk. Why? You may not be aware of this but what you want to do, you actually need to do. Think gotta do.



Many Highly Intelligent Sensitive Beings have been brainwashed and bamboozled into believing that our innovative whimsical dreams are nonsensical and optional. You have to do what you were born to do. There is a evolutionary built in mechanism inside of you set up by the divine computer, (a good example is how birds know to migrate). Your intuition is hooked up the Great Mother computer, when not listened to, or obeyed, the voice of the goddess goes from being a soft and gentle nudge, synchronicity, signs, birds landing on your shoulder, the wind blowing just for you to your intuition becoming a part of your shadow self in a ball of discomfort curled up and forced to be a violent stress ball of a headache, backache, negative self talk, addictions, co-dependency, anorexia, bulimia, bipolar, neurosis and dark grotesque spiral of distortions too long to list here.  All of this could and has happened because we don’t trust, we dont know, and we don’t believe that our path is important. So we allow ourselves to get off track for our very real deep intimacy needs that never got met as a child. But my love these needs are allowed to be met while you stay on your path. Never again do you have to enter into covenant with those who would have you to choose either or, and if you find yourself thinking either or . . . run!  Why? Because your dreams are important, a must, not optional, not a hobby, not up for discussion, debate, ridicule, to be picked on, or sold out. You are here to make the world a better place by just being you. There is love on that path, Spirit Promises You. Your inheritance will be the Earth. The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth . . . rainbow2

When you become certain that you, your dreams, your goals, your gifts, your passions, and your path are important enough to stick with regardless of who stays, who goes, who compliments you, or who disses & dismisses you, your auric field will begin to close down and will cease to be open field for any and everyone that would like to summon you for your time, life force energy, attention, touch, care, talents, gifts, and dreams. Get more and more specific everyday. Ask of your guardian angels, higher self, intuition to keep you on the right track everyday in thought, attitude, and conversation with other people. It works. Anytime I remember to do this it absolutely works. If you are apprehensive about having to interact with people that are known to put you in a space that may send you spiraling into questioning your True Self & Path. Tell your Guardian Angel:

I am moving closer and closer towards my Highest Good Every Moment

I keep my energy High

I ask that my mission, energy, thoughts, feelings, interactions stay High, at a inspirational vibrancy rate the thoughts, and energy coming from others that does not have this intent is not allowed to penetrate into disturbance of my peace 

If you would like to know the name and attributes of your guardian angel click on this link.  Scroll down the page to the Guardian Angel Reading. Peace to you All.

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