Announcement! New Name | ReBrand

Aya would like to thank everyone that has supported the growth of her calling and business throughout these last couple of years. Because of you she is able to see what is needed and coming up in the Spiritual Life of the masses. We are moving on towards making Spirituality a Lifestyle not just a trend or something you run to when you are in crisis. So introducing  A Fairy Good Life. This is a Spiritual Lifestyle Brand that will include Alchemical Herbal Remedies to heal your living cells of disconnection from the Divine. And the creation of Altars and meditation corners in your home as a everyday fixture. Utilizing Vastu Shastra, you will that the universe in its organized chaos has designated a spot for everything. So the flow of energy works above and below, inside and out, and outside  to inside. This is what coming up for the brand so please keep checking back for blogs and products that will assist you with Vastu Shastra and more! I look forward to continuing this journey with you All!

Peace to you!


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