What is Reiki?

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Reiki (RAY-kee)
is a Ancient Healing Modality that removes debris from the Chakras and the Aura. It cleanses, heals, relieves pain, balances, and creates flow. The reiki is activiated through the hands of the practioneer and there is a heat that may be felt by both the reiki practioneer and client. 

What are the Chakras?
The Chakras or energy centers are wheels that spin. The Chakras represent certain aspects of life, relate to certain colors, and  and are connected to different parts of your body.

Root Chakra

Part of the Body: The bottom of the spine in between the bottom of the pelvis. The seat of the gonads. 
Sanskrit: Muladhara – Root of existence – Mula- Root Dhara – Flux(flow)
Color: Red
Element: Earth
Planetary Aspects: Saturn
Mantra Beej: LAM
Part of Life: Security, Ancestors, Base Level Needs (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Water), Abundance (Money). The Root Chakra is connected to early childhood wounds. Usually our childhoods are extensions of past lives that are still being worked through. The Root Chakra is closely related to the karmic residue of our Ancestor pool. Here you could possibly be holding in the suffering from ancestors that have experienced horrific hardships such as slavery. There may be generational lessons that are being passed down from generation to generation that can be seen, heard, felt, and worked through with Reiki. 
Parts of the Body: coccyx, anus, large intestine, adrenal glands, back, leg, feet and bones, sciatic nerve, 
Balanced: When this Chakra is healthy and in balance you feel safe, secure, confident in your ability to create abundance, connected to your ancestors, grounded, and self-assured.
UnderActive: Adrenal fatigue, lazy, anxious, insecure, fearful, obsessed with money, and with a scarcity mindset, aloof, sexually inactive, overeating, avoidance of life, long-term poverty issues, lack of self-esteem, low confidence, 
OverActive: Dependent on others, over or underweight, controlling, hoarding, quick to anger, overactive sexually, issues keeping employment, low patience, get quick money schemes, gambling, prideful, materialistic, shop-a-holic, not saving money

Sacral Chakra

Part of the Body: Below the Navel
Sanskrit: Svasdisthana – The Place of the Self – Mula- Root Dhara – Flux(flow)
Color: Orange
Element: Water
Planetary Aspects: Pluto
Mantra Beej: VAM
Part of Life: Pleasure, Creativity, Sexual activity, happiness, joy, fulfillment, flow of life force energy. 
Parts of the Body: the womb, the lower digestive system, the spleen and the kidneys, reproduction, circulation, the uterus, ovaries, testes, pelvis, prostate, and the lower back. 
Balanced: When this Chakra is healthy and in balance you feel comfortable giving and receiving pleasure. Ruled by water because of the the fluids inherited in this area of the body. You are capable to be happy for others and allow others to be happy for you. You have a fun filled joyful existence with healthy outlets for your creativity. You have a great relationship with your desires and can experience various states of arousal and ecstacy. 
UnderActive: Low self-worth, giving up on the self, giving away the self. Comparing yourself to the other and saying I am nothing. Clingy, co-dependent, dis-empowered
OverActive: Jealousy, control, insecurity, focusing more on what THEY ARE instead of I AM. Competitive, lustful, possessive, addicted to immediate pleasure

Solar Plexus

Part of the Body: Above the Navel
Sanskrit: Manipura – Place of Jewels 
Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Planetary Aspects: Mars/Sun
Mantra Beej: RAM
Part of Life: Pleasure, Creativity, Sexual activity, happiness, joy, fulfillment, flow of life force energy. 
Parts of the Body: the coeliac plexus, which innervates most of the digestive system. Digestion, elimination, pancreas-kidney and Adrenal function. 
Balanced: Self-worth is high. You know you are a gem.  You take pride in yourself and what you do. You glow from the inside out and you allow your light shine. Exuding confidence. Have a feeling of knowing that you are on the right path. 
UnderActive: Weak fire in the solar plexus leads to digestive issues with food and not being able to digest life. Created a toxic environment where the thoughts, emotions, and actions are a source of toxicity. Resentment. Not finding the joy in life. Bitterness. Too passive about life. Weak mentality. Stressed.
OverActive: Over-confidence, braggadocious. exaggerated sense of self-importance. Overeating sweets. 

HeartPart of the Body: Heart
Sanskrit: Anahata – Unstruck, Unheart,  sound produced without touching two parts, clean, pure, 
Color: Green
Element: Air
Planetary Aspects: Venus
Mantra Beej: YAM
Part of Life: Harmony, Affection, Connection between two opposite poles, relationships, love, compassion, 
Parts of the Body: Heart, Chambers, Thoracic, Chest
Balanced: Unconditional Divine Life from the creator, at peace within ourselves and in harmony with others
UnderActive: Lack of love for the self. May feel disconnected spiritually. Hard to generate positive emotions. A dark heart. Isolation. Loneliness.  
OverActive: Inappropriate connections with people who are not connected to your true path. Too open-hearted. Sharing too much. Too open. Highs in lows in relationships are extreme. Unrequited love affairs. 

Throat Chakra

Part of the Body: Throat 
Sanskrit: Vishuddha – especially pure
Color: Blue / Turquoise
Element: Ether
Planetary Aspects: Jupiter
Mantra Beej: HAM
Part of Life: Self-expression, artistic expression, listening, creativity
Parts of the Body: Throat, lungs, Ears, Spine, thyroids
Balanced: Successful discrimination of how to take life challenges and transmute them into beautiful lessons learned.
UnderActive: Feels like why bother speaking, why share my needs, no one cares. when this person does speak they are often speaking of how their needs are not met. Decay, Death, Despair. The Person may experience being bullied. Fustrated. Over listening may be seen as a therapist that never gets their needs met. 
OverActive: Using speech for attention. Also feels like they aren’t seen and heard enough. Loves a good argument and debate. May bully or bulldoze over others so they they can be heard instead. Doesn’t practice active listening. Hears what they want to hear. Fustrated. Obnoxious.

3rd eye

Part of the Body: Center of Brow
Sanskrit: Ajna – Command
Color: Indigo
Element: Ether
Planetary Aspects: Neptune
Mantra Beej: OM
Part of Life: Self-expression, artistic expression, listening, creativity
Parts of the Body:  Pituitary Gland, Endocrine System, Pineal Gland
Balanced: Seeing reality for what is actually is. Reading symbols and signs and making correct decisions based on reality. A connection between mind, body, and spirit. More than a gut feeling. 
UnderActive: Feeling disconnected from intuition. Making decisions based off of intellectualize facts. Only seeing what right in front on you. Narrow-mindedness. Loss of trust in in own decision-making faculties. No flow between mind, body, and show. Rigid, uptight, tense. Over vigilant. Skepticism.
OverActive: Overly sensitive intuition. Ungrounded, disconnected from reality. May read more into signs and symbols than whats actually there. Space cadet, Air-headed. Disorganized.


Part of the Body: Top of Head
Sanskrit: Sahasrara – thousand petals – infinite
Color: Indigo
Element: Time/Space
Planetary Aspects: Uranus
Mantra Beej: Silence
Part of Life:  
Balanced: Understanding the Universal Principle that we are all one. A balanced crown chakra person will know what their purpose is and their purpose will be for the highest and best good for the whole humanity. This altruism will be infused into everything that they do.
UnderActive: Not “believing” in spirit. Attempting to live a spirit-less soul-less life, although, nothing is cut off from spirit whether you believe in it or not. Not wanting to anwser to a higher power. 
OverActive: It can go from being a spiritual high, disconnected from the body. Disconnecting from all things in the root chakra, family, home, job in order to be devoted to spirit. The extreme are the gurus who expect that others bow down to them and be obedient to their laws instead teaching universal principles. 

What’s it like?
When receiving Reiki you will lay back and the Reiki will enter into your Chakras by way of the practitioner hands. The session will feel relaxing, healing, relieving of pain, may be emotionally surging, and you could see visions and dreams. The practitioner will be able to give you an assessment of what is going on with your chakras. Click Book to to Schedule your Session.
Release Form for 1st time Spiritual Counseling, Astrology & Reiki Clients

In Person or Facetime Reiki: AYA’s style of Reiki is intensive because we infuse trauma healing elements by tuning into the fragmented parts of the client. Although Reiki is traditionally non-verbal if there is a release that needs to be verbalized the sound barrier will be broken in order to allow the flow of energy. Sometimes trauma is more stubborn and hidden. Because we are experienced in loving on these energies we added these elements to our Reiki practice. 

Long Distance Reiki: Reiki done without contact while you are sleeping. You will receive a message when it begins and ends along with a written synopsis.

Photo by Rainer Eck on Pexels.com

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