Join us for Daily 6am Meditations

WHAT: We are meditating daily to focus on the love that you are.
WHY: Because you love yourself. How you treat yourself is how you treat life and how life will treat you back. You are ONE with all that IS Life. Light is what you are. Yet if you don’t take the time to practice putting your awareness on what you are you won’t know it as an experience. You will only seem to live in the harsh reality of the ego with bitterness and critical acidic spewings. You will only read about peace in books if you don’t take the time to practice being at peace.
HOW: Since you are stillness being still is a great way to connect with yourself. If you want your next right movements to come from inspiration then you have to allow the space for meditation and contemplating. Your inner confidence will grow and you will begin to see life from Spirits reality of LOVE.

I will guide the meditation and allow for silence and then a message from ONENESS.
We will meet everyday for a month on zoom. Starting May 10 at 6am. The recommended donation is $30 if you want a daily recording of the messages from ONENESS and guided meditations even if you don’t show up. Otherwise you can donate whatever you feel connected to donating. You will receive the zoom link once you make a donation that will last for one month.

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