Group Gatherings

Happiness is experiencing inner peace within yourself and extending that inner peace into outer harmony with like minded individuals. What I love the most about life is the abstract reasons we are attracted to what to move in certain directions. You may think you are coming to group for one reason and will show up and find synchronicities in ways that make you feel like life is a miracle. And that alone makes showing up worth it. As challenging as it may be for some to have a conversation starter when you are out of school or work at home at least here you know you have your love for Spirit in common. You will have the opportunity to participate in Most of our group gatherings in our weekly or monthly gatherings listed on meetup or eventbrite. Some people may want join in and group gatherings because individual sessions may not be in their budget at this time. These gatherings are done online and also IRL (in real life). You can also summon me for your personal group gatherings like birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family sessions, and vacation occasions.

Sound Bathing/Meditation on the Beach

Once a month we will meet for Sound Bathing and meditation on Dauphin Island. Where will enjoy sound, sun, air, water, and connection. Sound Bathing is what you participate in without even knowing it when you turn on your favorite music and drown the rest of the world out. The Crystal Sound Bowls that are used are 432 hz a frequency that is known to relax the body. There are 7 bowls one for each Chakra. You can either sit or lay down while you allow the sound to pour over you.

Group Oracle Readings Support Group for Love, Hope, and Spirituality

This is weekly support group for those who would like to stay well on their spiritual path. There will be oracle readings and they will be used to assist you on your spiritual path. We are Created here to be happy, to connect with DIVINE within ourselves and to extend that love. We will check in with one another before we begin meditation, prayer, movement of the body, or singing. We will clear away any stress before we began to pull oracle cards.

A Course in Miracles Study Group

In the You So Spiritual Group we go behind the V.E.I.L and study A Course in Miracles. Which is a course that assist in your choice to train the mind to choose the only REALITY. It is not a religion. or dogma is an experiential guide. It is gentle option to train the mind to choose love over fear. Join us for study and meditation every other tuesday here.

Twerk & Tarot

A group dance/twerk/belly dance lesson to loosen up the energy from your root chakra to prepare you to use your 3rd eye. If there are enough group members we will break up in groups and each group will create a dance using belly dance cards to help with choreography. After we dance we will draw cards and practice reading together as a group. The cards will depict a reading for each individual person and the meaning for the group. This is fun group that I made tutu’s and unicorn ears for. It a great way to exercise your intuition and meet new people. If you are interested in this class being brought to your location fill out the form below.

Art Therapy

In the group You Sew Serious we focus on our Sewing projects. I made this group as therapy for me. It has been lifelong dream for me to use sewing as a career but I didn’t have the discipline to begin on my own. So, I started a group to share the process with others who may also struggle with getting their sewing projects finished. Join us we meet every Sunday. Classes are every first Saturday of the month. I am also available for group painting, drawing, and illustration classes. You can see my art gallery to see example of my artwork.

72 Angel of God Consciousness

This is group that is chosen by me at the beginning of the year called Aya’s Angels. If you think you may be interested fill free to contact me through email.

Corporate Salons

We are in a age where we want results for our company and we also want for our work to be appreciated, for employees to feel valued, and so mental health is taken into consideration. One of this ways to incorporate self-care into a corporate setting is to set aside a time during the week/month in a set a part room/area where you and your employees can get some much need relaxation time and respite. This what Aya Bellene can offer you. Upon request I will send you literature and we can set up a consultation so that we can discuss what would best for your company. Our healing modalities are not affiliated with religions. All healing modalities will be used for relaxation and meditation and will allow employees to continue to focus on their task even better than before. Your options are Reiki, Sound Healing, Reflexology, and Meditation. Prices vary. Please fill out the form letting me who you are, what company you are affiliated with, what modality you may be attracted to, your phone number and what time it would be best for us to call.


Check out the description of these services on the individual services page. Prices may or may not vary. Please fill out the form below so that we can discuss what would be most appropriate for your business.

  • Reiki
  • Sound Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Meditation
  • Oracle Readings

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