Individual Sessions

Whether you are ready to dive into personal sessions or you are doing research your deep love for yourself is leading you to surrendering to your need for healing at this moment. I commend you paying attention to yourself and reaching out because, that shows a lot of growth and maturity. I appreciate you considering reaching out in this space with me for you what you need.My style of healing is to allow whatever is coming up to be healed at this time to have its voice, space, and expression. I offer many different modalities some more intensely involved than others and some are completely non-intrusive. If you need help deciding we can do a consultation. My main goal is to actively listen and communicate between your guides, the DIVINE, and your parts to find you at the cusp of a transformation that will lead you out and through to what is for your best highest next steps in your evolution. Thank you for being here. When you press Book Now it will take you to the scheduling app that is not where you pay. Click pay here to pay.

Soul Sessions/Energy Reading/Oracle

During our session all we will consult with the divine as what is for your best and highest good. The Tarot is just a tool that is used to confirm what spirit has already been saying. 

Just Bring Yourself
The signature of your soul is of utmost importance in these readings. If you are in the process of liberating yourself, connecting with your higher self and resourcing your intuition sign up for reading today and you will be inspired! Get Prepared
Clear your mind by taking cleansing breathes, taking a cleansing bath, and then write out your questions. You can ask these questions out loud during your session or you can ask Spirit to answer your questions through the session. Get prepared for Spirit to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

Speaking to The Dead
I used to offer mediumship exclusively and now I allow who ever wants to show up to come forward naturally. That seems to be what works best for my particular connection to spirit. I don’t force it, I don’t pretend, and I will tell you exactly what your relationship is to your Ancestors and what can be done to create better connections if need be. 

  • 15 minutes – $30
  • 30 minutes – $60
  • 45 minutes – $800
  • 60 minutes – $120


If you would like to learn a little more about what Reiki is and what it may do for you feel free to check out this post What is Reiki?

What’s it like?
When receiving Reiki you will lay back and the Reiki will enter into your Chakras by way of the practitioner hands. The session will feel relaxing, healing, relieving of pain, may be emotionally surging, and you could see visions and dreams. The practitioner will be able to give you an assessment of what is going on with your chakras. Click Book to to Schedule your Session.
Release Form for 1st time Spiritual Counseling, Astrology & Reiki Clients

In Person or Facetime Reiki: Aya’s style of Reiki is intensive because we infuse trauma healing elements by tuning into the fragmented parts of the client. Although Reiki is traditionally non-verbal if there is a release that needs to be verbalized the sound barrier will be broken in order to allow the flow of energy. Sometimes trauma is more stubborn and hidden. Because we are experienced in loving on these energies we added these elements to our Reiki practice. $120

Long Distance Reiki: Reiki done without contact while you are sleeping. You will receive a message when it begins and ends along with a written synopsis. $60


For a better understanding of Reflexology check out this blog post. What is Reflexology?

Reflexology can only be done in person. It is either performed on a reflexology chair or massage table. Reflexology is Ancient Modality dating back to the Ancient Egyptians that assist with the balance and flow of energy of the person. The feet are a mirror of the whole body. In working with the feet you are able to work with all 11 body systems. Reflexology assist with physical and emotional wellness. For example working with the adrenal glands within the feet assist with adrenal fatigue which would stop the chronic  imbalance of being in fight, flight, or freeze mode when you should be relaxed. Adrenal Fatigue in particular is an issue because it produces a state of low cortisol which causes fatigue, low blood pressure, loss of appetite, vomiting, and weak muscles.

  • 45 – 60 Minute Session $70

Soul Retrieval / Trauma Healing

A consultation is required for trauma healing click BOOK  to sign up for your consultation. Fill out this Trauma Session Release Form.
1st session 2 hours, every session after that 90 minutes.

What is Trauma Healing/Soul Retrieval
Trauma Healing/Soul Retrieval is an ancient modality that reconnects you with fragmented parts of the soul. The effects are long lasting and often permanent changes that seem magical and would otherwise be impossible. One of the most important side-effects is the removal of stress. Why is stress removal so important? Because stress alters brain chemistry causing major symptoms of imbalance the alter the self-image and life path drastically. Sign up for a consultation today! Fill Out this release form to get started.
Who is Trauma Healing For?
Trauma healing is for people who are experiencing complications in their life due to the symptoms of C-PTSD and PTSD. These symptoms can include but are not limited to depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, or any other personality diagnosis, pains in the body that doctors cannot trace the origin, adrenal fatigue, chronic stress, eating disorders, schizophrenia, numbness to life, addictions, and repeating self-destructive patterns and relationships.

Some people will feel like their trauma isn’t worth getting help for because it’s not something as perceivably great as going to war or being sexually abused but that isn’t true. A trauma can be created by something as mundane as falling off of a bike at a young age or getting surgery. There is no judgement label by the body and nervous system as to whether or not one trauma vs. the other is too big or too small.  Becoming traumatized depends on how your brain and your nervous system perceive shock  and how well your nervous system is capable of absorbing shock. After completing your sessions of trauma healing your nervous will gain strength and your coping quotient will rise.

During a session we will work on unwinding the trauma, renegotiating your relationship with the traumatic events, releasing/absorbing the trauma, and retrieving the soul. Although this is not the spiritual counseling session Aya will give you coping skills and homework so that you can learn how to live with your new self moving forward in the present. Sign up for a free consultation to find out if this method is right for you.

Q: Is Trauma Healing Shadow Work?
A: Yes, we do work with the shadow self and we retrieve to its previous now unknown proper place. Your shadow self holds some of the best parts of your light and has been living outside of love. Your shadow self is actually part of the inner-child that has taken in false beliefs, abuse, hatred, and needs its chance to be seen heard and felt by you and a witness (which would be your practitioner)

  • Consultation $60
  • 1st Trauma Healing Session $190
  • 90 Minutes $160

Sound Bath

Sound is everywhere so much so we take it for granted. What we listen to goes into your mind and we began to live out what are mind is repeating over and over. That is why it is important that you guard your what you wash over your brain. Sound bathing is a clean and refreshing way to cleanse, purify and get in touch with your energy field. Sound Bathing is a subtle and surprisingly powerful modality to enter into your energy field gently. Sound Bathing can assist you with your meditation practice, used to cleanse energic body or in cleanse any space, and it can impact you down into the cellular level of your existence and help you listen and tune into nature. In personal sessions I use tuning forks and crystal bowls.My bowls are 432hz Crystal Bowls and emit Sound, frequency, and consciousness connect that healthy to absorb. The 432hz is a relaxing frequency with a lower tone. The bowls note range is from C, D, E, F, G, A, B. 7 notes, 7 bowls that correspond to the chakras. But you can use whatever note resonates with you the most. The bowls give you a full body vibration. Each session will come with a recording.

  • 30 Minutes $85
  • 60 Minutes $120

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