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BALMS for Trauma and Psycho-Somatic Symptoms

I started off calling this line of balms trauma balms because I wanted to focus on relieving the discomfort of the symptoms of trauma. The symptoms of trauma are often psycho-somatic with the nervous system having being in the flight or fight mode. As a Shaman I assist clients with these symptoms and although we can get down the core of a trauma often times with C-PTSD there are just more layers. In my practice as a practioneer I am always trying to find compassionate ways to look out for my clients even when I’m not around. These balms are an example of how plant medicine can be shaman to your wounds. The Orginal Formula is every balm. Starting with Kava Kava. for more information and to purchase click on the picture below.

The Grounds of the Temple Incense

We all begin our healing process at grounds of our inner temple and the process goes through stages of feeling joy, needing comfort, needing the Mother and Father principles to integrate with us, needing to focus on peace, grieving and experiencing ecstasy. These all natural handcrafted incense are the embodiment of what its like to traverse through your inner world as you awaken to who you are. Every jar of incense a complex blend with a scent story to match the intended usage. Our most popular incense is The Church of Autumn which has cinnamon, clove, patchouli, coriander, and frankincense.

All Natural Perfume

Just like the incense line our perfumes are all natural. Made with handmade tinctures and EO’s. Right Now we have two perfumes Witches Foot and Angel Fairy. Witches Foot is inspired by the energy of the New Moon, getting lost in the fog yet knowing exactly where you are without having to be in control. Angel Fairy is inspired by the Full Moon with its scent of high hopes, new beginnings, and dancing with life. You can order your samples by clicking on the the pictures.

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