Thank you for stopping by Aya Bellene Inc. We truly appreciate your soul intuiting your interest in what we may have to offer you here. If you are searching for a holistic and therapeutic approach to spiritual counseling & products that includes trauma healing/soul retrieval, astrology, reiki, reflexology, and sound healing . . . then you have come to the right place. This website is informational to learn more about Aya, The Trigger Happy Podcast, the services, blogs, and reviews. There are 3 different sections for individuals, group meetings, and corporate gatherings for all your various needs click on the links below. Thank you! Aya Bellené

Individual Services

Aya’s Shamanic Services are available no matter what the stage of development. An important use of healing is to keep your channels clear so that you can keep moving towards your ultimate goal of enlightenment. Although, in truth you are never alone but sometimes you may feel otherwise, things may feel stuck, you may be going through an intense part of your initiation, a Saturn return has come around, a loss has ensued, or you just may feel the need to keep a clean and clear auric reception to the DIVINE.

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Group Services

Group Services are for groups made by Aya that you can find on her meetup groups when you click below. Aya has experience serving:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Family Gatherings
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Slumber Party
  • Self-Care Gatherings
  • Vacation Groups
  • Holidays

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Corporate Services

We are in an era when we are more conscientious of what one another may be experiencing. Lets incorporate work and relaxation. You may want to have an appreciation day, want to offer something special at a conference or have a monthly, weekly, or quarterly stress relief station set up.

  • Concerts/Gallery/Festivals
  • Conferences / Workshops
  • Assisting Living
  • Health Awareness Days
  • Art Shows
  • Boutiques

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