Being Nice causes destruction| Important Step for Growth for Yourself and Your Soul Tribe

The etymology of the word nice is stupid, foolish, senseless, needy careless, clumsy, weak, poor, simple & silly. This brought to mind the archetype of Snow White.

Sensitive people who don’t want to do any harm to anything living take on the archetype depicted by snow white. This innocence, purity, and beauty needs protection and Snow White is wide open. All of life is attracted to her. The birds (intuition), the dwarves (fragmented guides of the earth), the forest (mother nature), and also the witch (her fragmented shadow self). Snow White being so fragmented is at a disadvantage against her predator. As the witch plots and plans to take away dignity and steal her identity Snow White sells her self out each time. This is a representation of what happens to many of us in childhood. We dont start off defenseless psychicly but learn quick if we dont want to be abandoned we have sell ourselves short. Being nice breaks your spirit. Snow White fell asleep after eating a poisoned apple. Lucky for her it just happened to her once. A lot of sensitives eat this poison not just from our parents, but at school, in social circles, at work, at church, and during sexual rituals. The sleep comes like a death, numbness, of the soul life that is hidden beneath the surface of all interactions. Why do we go through this? Being nice is a part of thr fight, flight, or freeze mechanism. We freeze into a nice and sweetrobot and we forget who we really are after many years of selling ourselves out. When the poison has fragmented your soul from your body and your life force energy is suppressed you will face your fear of death. The inner knight in shining armour will come with bravery to let you see you have more a choice to assert yourself than you thought you did. That is when your divine intelligence is activated to call your fragments back into your body. The next time you awaken it will be met with love from your handsome prince. Which is a representation of newfound common sense of hiw to handle conflict, protect your borders, and self love. The predators and the poison will remain. They will be mad at you for no longer accepting the poisnous apples. The poison that was meant for you will turn in on them. And you will see what you feared. The face of the witch, which is what was and will be projected onto you. Sensitive people don’t like to be the bad guy. But in order to have a safe world for Snow Whites the spiritual warrior has to also be a bad guy to the bad guys. Dont take it personal when they get mad at you. And don’t eat that damn apple from anybody that looks like that. What the hell was she thinking?

Venus Libra Opposite Chiron Aries

You are meeting your Soul Tribe right now. Mars keeps trecking his way back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius. Letting you work on and perfect your part within your collective village. As you prepare yourself you are titrating back and forth from being alone to meeting your tribe. I have a question for you . . . Who told you that all your soulmates were going to be on your side and nice to you? All the gods and goddesses dont get along. There are some relationships that are meant to be chaotic in the cosmos. As above so below. You are optimistic thinking positive thoughts not thinking you may have to bring out your most protective side during this transit. Just in case Chiron in Aries is sitting on ready. Libra in Venus is in danger of seeing what she wants to see. Chiron in Aries is that good good girlfriend who has their sneakers, hoodie, and vaseline in the trunk while you are busy giving that person who has 20/11 red flags the benefit of the doubt. Why does Libra do that? Fear of death and destruction of relationships. The Goddesses Durgas can assist you with that.

These archetypes are not here to scare us but to assist us and show us that is a normal part of The universe to be beautiful and fiercely protective. The loving mother Durga is destructive and cleanses the earth of evil. When your boundaries have been broken the is the mother goddess that needs embracing. Chiron in Aries will bring to your attention when you have had enough! Your soul mate relationships (some pleasant, some not so much) are going to be your catalyst for the much desired change you have been desiring. You want glow up in confidence. Being nice in your family systems didnt allow for the truth of who are to emerge naturally. As a spiritual healer and spiritual being we have been lied to and told that being positive (nice) is a always best and that you are only spiritual if you are a positive shining star of light beaming bright for all the world to see . . . lies! As if you arent still that bright light if you have boundaries. These transits are potentials for you to test your newfound identity in social settings and find your footing, gain new strategy, grow in confidence, and become more self actualized. Being nice lowers your defenses too low and sends a message that you are ok with whatever is happening to you even if its damaging. Not being nice to some is simply being honest. Be wise, be fruitful, be kind, but never nice.

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